Welcome friend! So glad you’re here!

Thank you for taking the time to come read little bits of me.

God’s incredible and I think it’s easy to forget to praise Him for the highs & lows.

I hope to share some thoughts, stories, and how God’s working in and through my own life, as a testament of His faithfulness.

Grab a hot cup of something sweet, socks, or maybe even a cozy blanket as we dive in together!

a heart full of hope (& some goodbyes)

It rained all day – as tears were shed and tight hugs were given. Little bodies holding on as my heart broke all the more. This season has been so sweet and abundantly fruitful in such unexpected ways. Quieting to the drizzle of His consistency – my heart is grateful for the ways things started, how they shifted and how they’re ending. All because of Jesus. From the out-pouring of His heart.  Rain – a…

roadside flowers

Ringing in the 4th today looked like doctor visits and cough drops. We celebrated lots this week; in a rainbow of ways. It started off with a staff birthday and frozen cake. Watching as little bodies ate big pieces and sang an off-key song. I live next to a house of five kiddos, the three oldest are girls, 4-5 years old who have become my little shadows, helping with the simple things, like cooking dinner…

Hope in the Heart

Hello from Joburg! As the smoke on the horizon seems to never leave – there is much that has happened. I pray that a storm will roll in and clear the air of such debris, in my own heart as well. Since being here – God has been reminding me of His constant pursuit; regardless of circumstances, trials, joys or even in thunderstorms – amidst it all. These weeks have been some of the lowest…

16 months

Welcome back friend, stranger or simply someone who stumbled upon this page! It’s been sixteen months since my last post. A little over a year, watching as God refined my fleshly heart to sprout wildflowers of child-like wonder again. It was painful, yet oh so beautiful. My last post came days before unexpected heartbreak. Walking through the trenches of confusion and grief while unknown health conditions arose again. God faithfully whispered in my ever-doubting ears…


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