Welcome friend! So glad you’re here!

Thank you for taking the time to come read little tidbits of my life.

God’s incredible, and I think that we can sometimes forget to praise Him for the highs AND lows of our lives. I hope to share some thoughts, stories, and how God’s working in and through my own life.

So grab a hot cup of something, some fuzzy socks, or a cozy blanket as I dive into my life!


“Pursue me in the drylands.” is what I’ve heard God whisper over my soul this week. It’s been full of weariness. Unease sets in with new vaccines and a new President in office. My heart has been weary of the future; of my mine, Our Nation’s and of my loved […]

filled up & full.

Thanking Jesus as I wrap up fall semester of my Junior Year. Crazy to think I’ll be graduating in 2 years, December 2022, with TWO majors!!!! Can I get a hallelujah?! As I stirred homemade soup in a big bowl on the stovetop, I started thinking back on this past […]

lonesome & a wreck.

Since getting back from Florida, at the Mayo Clinic for Jon, then seeing my extended family for Thanksgiving, life has been a blurry painting of busyness and longing. With school coming to a close, my heart aches for the past, wishing to travel back in time, when hugging loved ones […]

cracks in the floorboards.

The Lord has recently been teaching me to take in the little moments and find life within them. More days have ended in despair and turmoil than in joy, yet the Lord has so clearly said, “keep pressing into me, for I am your refuge.” I’ve found myself going through […]

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