I’ve learned more and more that I take the negative, judgmental path of life instead of the selfless, loving road with relationships. Even in nature. Growing up in FL, with hot summery days filled with beach days, sunscreen, and pool days, or the thunderstorms that would last for days. When I moved to CO, I took the negative outlook with the weather being too cold, or mountains instead of beaches and sand.

From this, it has caused me to see the negatives that out way the positives. Causing me to miss the joys of life in the moment, missing the opportunities to praise God for the dysfunction or the negative. Kinda sounds weird, “praise Him for the dysfunction or negatives” but it’s true. God purposefully puts dysfunction, chaos, and the lows of life in our lives to show us that he will always be there for us.

But over the past few months God has been (painfully let’s be honest here) peeling off the blinders, showing me all of his beautiful works. I’ve started noticing how truly captivating his creations in nature are. There are times I’ve noticed being completely speechless, awestruck with his immaculate creation of this beautiful world. When on Safari rides in Africa, to just driving to school in the mornings seeing the sun rise behind the mountains. Tears begin to fill my eyes. God, the creator of the universe, spent time creating me, choosing my weaknesses and strengths. And how he’s done it for all 7.6 billion people on this earth. He spent time creating every mountain top, every river, every animal, root and every flower. God is so good. By removing the blinders I have truly started to realize how amazing Gods creation is, changing my mindset to see the beauty of the world and not the negative.

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