Everyone has insecurities. But have you ever thought why we have them? God spent time creating each of us individually, and yet we are not pleased with the outcome?

Girl who have straight hair, want curly hair, those who have freckles, don’t want freckles, those who are tall, want to be short, etc.

Kind of seems like we can never be content if the Father of the Universe designed us and we still aren’t pleased. Seems pretty silly how we want to change our appearances though God created us so meticulously, so time-consuming, so lovingly.


Back in 2012, long story short (will save that story for another blog) I got in an accident that left be needing facial jaw surgery in December 20118. You can’t have jaw surgery till you’re 18 years old, once both jaws have stopped fully growing. So I    had no choice but to spend my senior year, at a new school in braces. It may not seem like a big deal, but fun fact, my teeth/smile is my biggest insecurity!

I was going to have graduation pictures, my summer, all family holidays, my 19th birthday and possibly prom in braces, how embarrassing!!

So what’s the best way to deal with insecurities? Giving it to God! So with that, I’ve had to learn hw to give my insecurity of my teeth to God, because after all, HE created ME. HE chose to give me the insecurities I have, HE chose to give me the same birth mark on my upper left leg as my mom, HE decided to give me a passion for kiddos, HE decided to give me my mama’s blue eyes and blonde hair. HE IS AWESOME.

SO… instead of being insecure, or ashamed, or even angry for the accident even happening am going to praise Jesus for blessing me with doctors who HE created to be amazing surgeons and taking me into their gifted hands as my surgery starts to approach.

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