God has been teaching me how to take on new responsibilities at the same time learning not to overload myself. Junior year I worked three jobs. My senior year I took on babysitting almost every evening, an internship, captain of a sports team, 4 college courses, and changed schools. Though these are all great responsibilities to take on, I was not managing my time and energy in the correct way. I was so exhausted from all I was doing, my relationship with Him was suffering the most. I started getting sick every weekend, feeling better by midweek, but so over booked that my body couldn’t catchup and I would be sick by the weekend again.. never being able to get a break and bask in His love. It was on the airplane back from Kenya, that God called out, “you cannot keep pouring all your energy into other relationships without me being at the core. Stop running away while trying to love others.”img_2895.jpg

So through my crazy schedule, I have started setting aside time throughout the day drawing near to Him. In the mornings: reading scripture, and listening to worship music as I get ready for the day. In the evenings: when taking a shower I listen to worship music, seeing the symbolism in how pure and clean the water rushing over me is just like His Love. Journaling my thoughts to Him, praying and praising out loud all my worries before I hit the pillow.

These little moments of the day help me keep a relationship with Him, always knowing I can praise Him no matter where I am. In the shower. In my bed. On an airplane.

No matter how my day goes, at the end of it I get to spend one on one time with The Creator of the Universe, my Father.

I still overbook myself countlessly, but I am learning that saying no is okay, and to focus on spending one on one time with my Heavenly

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