positive dysfunction.

If you know me, you know I have a Type A personality.

But I’m learning there are more consequences than benefits in trying to keep everything perfect.

I like knowing plans way far ahead of time. I like using the same color sequence for my notes, re-writing them if there’s one mess-up. All my clothes are color coordinated, and I have a specific routine for everything (ie brushing my teeth once routinely, but twice if I’ve had extra sugar). And all my pictures have to be “picture perfect” etc etc.

But I’ve started noticing that I miss out on a lot of laughter, by trying to control the environment around me.

Dysfunction creates long lasting memories.

Creates spontaneous activities. Going on a last minute road trip. Showing up unannounced at a friends house to play board games and put puzzles together. randomly showing up at your dad’s workplace with lunch.

Dysfunction shows that the world is not perfect, my life is not perfect, and thus, dysfunction shows that there will always be flaws in my life, and instead of trying to control it, laugh and enjoy the moment.

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