dance in the rain.


Colorado does not get many crazy thunderstorms, so when they happen, its a rarity. It’s my favorite weather.

The smell. How vibrant all the colors are afterwards. The feeling of walking outside and the dampness.

Tonight as we went to go watch the fireworks over the lake for Fourth of July, it started pouring. I  started to remember what my mom said to me one night when I was a little girl scared of thunderstorms. The sound of thunder made me feel voiceless, and the lightning felt like it was electrocuting right through me. One night I couldn’t fall asleep, I walked into the living room where my mom sat, staring out the windows, curtains pulled back watching the lightning strike feeling like it was electrocuting my body. I asked my mom why she was watching & its changed my perspective. She said: “Kyra when you hear thunder: it’s God talking to you.. lightning: is God reaching out his arms to embrace you, comforting you through the turmoil you’re going through, and rain: is God crying for you, because when you hurt, He hurts.”

Since that night I love thunderstorms. It’s become therapeutic for me, the feeling of raindrops hitting my body, washing away all the ‘junk, dirt, or frustrations’ of the day. Rain is amazing to me. I’ve started learning to love the little things of life lately. Loving the rain, loving the spontaneity of skipping, dancing, and singing with my friends in the rain. Wynter and I  danced around the golf course as it poured, eating kettle popcorn, and laughing as we played tag with the kids. Tonight reminded me that spontaneity is key. That rain is beautiful. And most importantly that God is an awesome God.

He chose to create rain, and then use rain as a symbol of his love, washing away our sins with his forgiveness, showing us that there will be “dry” seasons of our lives where there is no rain for days, weeks, months and even years. But yet God is still present in those “dry” seasons of life, ever present, no matter the season, whether a dry or wet/nourishing season.

And though it was not planned to rain on the 4th of July, and that we came back to the house completely soaked and cold, that finding the joy in the dysfunction of it, making the night even more memorable by dancing with ones who love the rain with you.

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