13th grade.


(hey mom, your daughter is in college!!)

It’s weird to think I’m a college student. I still order the kids meal sometimes, I still call my mom at the grocery store because I can’t remember what kind of white potatoes we get, and I still call my dad anytime I see a car accident, making sure he wasn’t involved.

I live at home, because with chronic illness, you need your village of people near. With food allergies, an old puppy, and how expensive dorms are, living at home filled with endless snuggles with my puppies, endless home cooked food, and free living sounded like Heaven.

At times it still feels like high school, but there’s other times where I realize that I really am in college, and am (somehow) an adult. It’s a mixed world between still feeling like a teenager and an adult. Sandwiched between living at home, classes, and work.

I go to school two days a week (crazy!!), taking 16 credits (double majoring), while babysitting 5 nights a week.

I’ve learned very quickly that I’m blessed with several things; easy classes, a beautiful campus, great professors, and taking classes my first semester that are directed specifically for my double major.


I was blessed with all my classes being supa dupa easy (yayy), thus being able to balance sitting for two families of five, mountains of doctors appointments, trips to FL to surprise Grandma for her 80th, and (most important) daily naps!!

My campus is absolutely beautiful. I mean, look at that! I get to walk out of my Thursday 7:20pm class (3 hrs long!!) and see that view!


In the mornings, talking the 15 minute walk from the parking lot to the Health Building, I get to see that! Like holy cow God you are good!!

I never would of thought my college experience would be filled with staying in state, heck, even living at home, but God is abundantly good and proves day in and day out that living at home during college is the biggest blessing, and probably the only way I could do all that I’m doing at once.

It’s been hard to find the positives of all these doctors appointments, but one thing is for sure, God sure does love to create beautiful skies. Making the drives to doctors in Denver, or Fort Collins, or even farther such a beautiful thing, filled with worship music, a good smoothie, and the beautiful sky infront of us all the way there and back.

On top of doctors appointments, I have my precious kiddos. They make exams, and boring homework fun. With babysitting, sometimes homework can’t be done in silence, or being left alone.. actually raincheck, homework is never completed quietly or all on my own. Most of my exams are online, thus making is really accommodating for me to take tests anywhere there’s wifi including with five kiddos laying next to you. But instead of asking them to leave, we make a game of it, when the Video goes to do the intro recording of me, we’ll try and fit as many kiddos into the picture as possible. Making the craziest of faces and finding a part to my day that I didn’t think giggles and laughter could fill, but they make it possible.


This season of being a 13th grader is already filled with so many giggles and I can’t wait for more. To see all the other ways of growth that happens both academically, medically, spiritually, and with friendships.

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