sunsets & surprises.

I was at a retreat last week where they described different seasons of life as:

  • Summer – freedom, long days, anticipation for what’s to come and fresh air.
  • Fall – transition, harvest (a collection of dead things) for what’s to come.
  • Winter – cold winds, accepting of yielding & trusting, and great clarity.
  • Spring – slowly at first, then colors come into the barren lands, beauty and light return to things that were once dead.

I’ve been in a winter this past semester; where the cold winds sting your cheeks, and you yearn for a warm fire nearby, yet all you see is a blizzard heading your way.IMG_5333 2

I wrapped up fall semester feeling drained, like a shell washed up on the beach, tossed and tumbled. The hope of transformation in areas of my life, completely dissolved.

This past weekend, my boyfriend, Jon, organized an early surprise birthday party, due to him having spinal surgery tomorrow (2/4); with all those that are so dear to my heart. It was an evening full of love, intentionality and being present with those who came.

As we drove unknowingly to the surprise party, God had painted the sky in neon colors, as tears filled my eyes, there was a kairos: a moment where God’s trying to teach you something through others, nature, or signs… a reminder that God brings life to things that were once dead. To things that once looked dull, He brings refreshment, like rain after a dry season.


There was another kairos, another wink from God this week; my little sister, Anna, had had a hard day and texted me saying: “YOU PICK WHAT TYPE OF COOKIE 🙂 and we bake, listen to music and talk.” It was a reminder that there is an accumulation of death things, dullness and dried up roots in the hardships of seasons, AND there is also newness, beauty and transformation.

Through both the time with Anna and the surprise party, God was winking, reminding me that He created fellow gardeners to help tend to my own frost-bitten plants, helping till the soil and uproot what’s going on.

After a season full of feeling overwhelmed, stretched in many facets, family, dear friends, and myself going through trials week after week, I was washed up.

The seasons aren’t getting any easier, they’re actually staying the same. Long days and short nights. Cold winds, yet so much new life is surfacing. This past weekend was a reminder of the community He’s crafted around me, that as the pummeling waves hit, and boy will they hit; He’s the surfboard. Ready to carry us, and lead us through the current.


So surprises and sunsets, two beautiful winks from God. That seasons bring healing, growth and life to things that were once dead.

So whatever season you’re going through, whatever area you maybe feel like has been frost-bitten, past any new life, my prayer is that God will meet you there, and walk with you through the storm, and through the healing that will follow.

-Kyra Mariah

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