100 years

It was Kia May’s 100th year birthday party today. 14.5 years in human years. We celebrated with lots of dogs, treats, popsicles & tacos.

So much joy. So much excitement. So much love.

Had me thinking of the Father’s love for each one of us. He spends so much time meticulously creating us, and delights in creating us. How crazy.

I start to wonder how much of the time I limit God’s ability to be in a moment and only focus on how I’m feeling and how it serves me. So much of the time I neglect inviting God to the party of my life.

Kia May has been apart of my life since I was 8. Walking along through cross country moves, health injuries and countless hard days. She’s been a constant that I know will be there when I need to be comforted, to sit in the quietness or go on an early morning walk to clear my mind.

But as she gets older, and the questions of, “how much longer does she have,” and “will she make it to her next birthday” come to surface, it’s made me start to realize that I’m so quick to invite her into moments of my life, but so quick to shut God out.

He delights in you friend. He created YOU. The tears you cry, He feels them and the joy that radiates when you had an awesome day He feels as well. Read that all one more time. Let it soak in.

So amidst all the partying, for a dog who’s been steadfast amidst all the craziness of life that past 12 years, may this be a reminder that the Lord Himself wants to celebrate, to sit and to hold you through all the elements.

-Kyra Mariah

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