jammies & Christmas socks

Late this past Wednesday night, fresh out of the shower & in my Christmas jammies, I went grocery shopping. Jon was headed to bed after both of us had long days of classes, as this is our first week back to college with weird, crazy schedules. As I walked up and down the aisles, we talked on the phone. Nothing special about it, simply catching up on how our day’s were and what was on each other’s hearts. Hearing his voice after a long day, was a comforting thing. Like a cup of chai on a gloomy afternoon, or warm sheets fresh out of the dryer.

As I pulled up to my house, and started to say goodbye to Jon, there he was, standing on my front porch. A sense of shock flooded over, and as he offered to help carry in my groceries, tears filled my eyes. Full of relief, bewilderment and confusion. Through dating Jon, he’s opened my eyes to areas of my life I have forgotten to invite the Lord into, He who so desperately wants to be apart of the little moments of my day.

As I walked into the house, he topped the whole surprise off with flowers, a note, homemade goodies and was all dressed up.

My heart fluttered.

Since he was all dressed up, I threw my old prom dress on and we remade our senior prom experience. Slow dancing late at night with wet hair, no makeup and still wearing my Christmas socks. Dancing to Perfect by Ed Sheeran, simply being held by a guy who time and time again shows up after the long days. Tears began to flood down. And I felt God whisper, “Redemption, Kyra. This is what redemption looks like.”

Senior Prom April, 2018

Jon’s and my relationship hasn’t always been the easiest. We’re coming up on one year of dating, but our past is far longer. Having initially met in 6th grade to now, it’s crazy to think through all the years and memories we’ve experienced together. April of 12th grade, we went to senior prom together as friends. With mixed emotions and hurtful conversations beforehand, prom has been one of the hardest memories we share together. It’s painful to look back on and we try to avoid talking about such a hard and honestly, awkward night.

But Wednesday night was a picture of redemption. Putting the same dress back on, in Christmas socks, no makeup and holding tight to a guy who’s been constant through some of my toughest moments over the years.

What a picture of redemption.

It was in the unexpected late night dancing that I realized how much God truly cares about the little moments. The times when we could use an extra hug, a comforting text message, or in Jon’s and my case, a redo, another shot at a memory that has become painful to relive. For Jon and I, it was our Senior Prom experience. Wearing that dress again brought back all the butterflies. We weren’t dating at prom, but I can say my heart was in pursuit of his, the timing just wasn’t right.

After a long day, late grocery runs, and exhaustion, God was still in pursuit of my heart. How special and intimate. God cares about you, friend. He cares about your long days, when you need a comforting text, an extra tight hug or simply a redo. How amazing is that.

One year of dating, August, 2020

Have the courage to remake a painful memory, to wear Christmas socks and a prom dress. Go dance with those you love. God delights in the little parties we throw.

As you go throughout your day friend, my prayer is that you feel the intimacy and comfort that only comes from Our Heavenly Father when you draw near to Him.

-Kyra Mariah

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