There’s something about picking fresh wildflowers off the side of the road, that doesn’t compare to store-bought flowers. Something about imperfections and beauty being tied up together.

I’m finding more and more that when I draw near to My Father, my eyes are opened to the ways He has so intricately designed my heart. For my love of wildflowers, a warm cup of chai, an early morning sunrise, snuggles with Kia, and holding tight to sweet kiddos, all make my heart soar. It’s the little things.

Over the years, there have been some very challenging times, where there felt like no rain was in the future, and no growth was forming, but God took notice of those seasons, connected them to my love of wildflowers, and has been teaching me of the relationship between both. Resiliency. Bravery. Boldness. Beauty. Depth. Growth. Sustainability. Perseverance.

If I’m being completely honest, I can’t say all those traits are associated to myself. There have been more seasons of self doubt, failure, burn-out, depression, loneliness and abuse.

Yet, God has been doing what only He can do; opening my eyes to the meadow of my life that He Himself created.

Through seasons of drought, were no wildflowers are sprouted above the soil, it’s easy to believe that they are dead, no growth is in the air, and hopelessness has taken room, but God has been showing me how wildflowers are still alive. Wildflowers root systems are extremely long, causing for when dry seasons occur, they are still alive, digging their roots down even further to sustain them through the hard times. This is how I see ourselves if we put our faith in the Lord. Through digging roots into his comforting soil, we will get through the hard times.

God is such a good good Father. He sees the areas of our hearts that need tending to. Like a gardener, God sees the weeds of lies that have begun to take ahold of our thoughts, shaping our identity, and begins pulling them out, giving room for our true self to keep growing, digging deeper underneath and blooming on the surface.

So, this tattoo is a reminder. That there will be seasons of drought; where my flowers are wilted and I have nothing growing on the surface, but with roots rooted in Him, I will make it in this meadow of life. The flowers represent different aspects of my life, in the end, He has not forgotten me, and He has not forgotten you.

Remember friend, you are wild, wonderful & perfectly in process!!

-Kyra Mariah

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