s p a c e s.

My hands timidly hover over the keys.

Dusting off the cobwebs that grew over the past year as the Father bound up and redeemed.

Oh how He is gracious, faithful & just.

Returning to this platform to share of how He moves in the unseen and seen.

Telling of the ways He grows and strengthens.

And more than anything – the sweetness that comes from His presence.

I think that’s why wildflowers mean so much;

they have to have deep roots to survive hard seasons.

Isn’t that the beauty of what God does time and time again;

burning away the corrosion for new life to form?

Without the refinement, there would be no room to flourish –

how beautifully sweet.

Even if; He is still here, present and active.

So it may seem a bit awkward…

The pages containing more s p a c e s; a sense of quietness

because, something I have learned this past year, is that intimacy with the Father comes when my heart sits; laying it all at His feet and asking to simply be held.

May these words resonate with you, however the Lord crafts them to,

thank you for being patient –

-Kyra Mariah

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