loving at a distance.

It’s in the unexpected distance, that we long for deeper connections. Something I’ve been thinking about, as we’re on week two of home-quarantine and I’m missing all of my people.

Last night started by my little brother, Kaden and dad showing up to my place unexpectedly asking to catch up, after weeks of them being gone overseas.

There’s a little piece of property behind the Penley’s home, called the Open Space. A place that I walk in the early Friday mornings with Mrs. Christy, and where I start/end my runs. It’s a place that brings so much joy and makes time with Jesus feel so intimate.

As we walked, you could hear the crisp dry grass crackle underneath our feet, listening to the excited birds chirp as the sunlight beamed upon us, before descending behind the mountains.

As the boys began to share of their recent travels to Kenya and Germany, a sense of longing for what’s to come and contentment wrapped together washed over.

The boys began to talk about cool surgeries, new projects to come at the Hospital, and to hear the excitement in both of my guys voices as they talked about their goals for the future.

Wishing I could just squeeze them and never let go, wishing I had traveled with them, and dreading Kaden about to graduate high school and move away.

But in this season, where it feels like fear, anxiety and worry loom overhead, like clouds on a sunny day, it has been hard to see the contentment in this season over the bitterness I have towards God.

It was in listening to Kaden talk, that I could see the restlessness in all of our hearts at this time of unknowingness and uncertainty.

My family is full of dreamer’s and gypsy’s. We find comfort in packing up, leaving town and dreaming past the sky’s limit. It’s something I’ve struggled with this over the years, seeing both sides to being so comfortable packing up, but also seeing the blessings that have come along the way. I’m seeing the goodness in belonging to a family of gypsy’s and dreamers; they don’t let disappointments cloud their sunny days, rather, seeing ways to still see the sun shining, even if it’s ever so faint behind the clouds.

While listening to the boys talk, I had a kairos (a moment where God’s trying to break in and teach you a lesson) that I don’t treasure the time I have with Jesus. I’m so quick to pick up my phone, or to find another distraction rather than to be present with Him. To sit in the presence with Jesus and with my brother and dad are transformational moments in life. Rather than trying to run and find something else to fill the space, to be content with the distance that separates us.

In this season, it can be so easy to point a finger at God and accuse Him of tormenting us, but by stepping back, we can see that God’s more than ever trying to reach out and pull us near; not punish, not torment, not scold us. Like a little child who runs to the arms of his parents after scraping his knees on the pavement, all God wants is to hold us tenderly, and heal our wounds.

So loving at a distance, simply seeing their handsome faces for a bit, full of elbow bumps, sunshine, heart talks, and waving goodbye, little moments with those who you love is truly treasurable.

Well, there are my thoughts late last night, seeing how God’s such a tender, personable God, and I’m so quick to pack up and run, ignoring Him through the lessons He’s trying to teach me. To sit, be present and be content in the slowness is what God’s teaching me right now, and though it’s hard to listen, it’s important.

Praying everyone stays safe and healthy out there. Have a great day!!
-Kyra Mariah

sunsets & surprises.

I was at a retreat last week where they described different seasons of life as:

  • Summer – freedom, long days, anticipation for what’s to come and fresh air.
  • Fall – transition, harvest (a collection of dead things) for what’s to come.
  • Winter – cold winds, accepting of yielding & trusting, and great clarity.
  • Spring – slowly at first, then colors come into the barren lands, beauty and light return to things that were once dead.

I’ve been in a winter this past semester; where the cold winds sting your cheeks, and you yearn for a warm fire nearby, yet all you see is a blizzard heading your way.IMG_5333 2

I wrapped up fall semester feeling drained, like a shell washed up on the beach, tossed and tumbled. The hope of transformation in areas of my life, completely dissolved.

This past weekend, my boyfriend, Jon, organized an early surprise birthday party, due to him having spinal surgery tomorrow (2/4); with all those that are so dear to my heart. It was an evening full of love, intentionality and being present with those who came.

As we drove unknowingly to the surprise party, God had painted the sky in neon colors, as tears filled my eyes, there was a kairos: a moment where God’s trying to teach you something through others, nature, or signs… a reminder that God brings life to things that were once dead. To things that once looked dull, He brings refreshment, like rain after a dry season.


There was another kairos, another wink from God this week; my little sister, Anna, had had a hard day and texted me saying: “YOU PICK WHAT TYPE OF COOKIE 🙂 and we bake, listen to music and talk.” It was a reminder that there is an accumulation of death things, dullness and dried up roots in the hardships of seasons, AND there is also newness, beauty and transformation.

Through both the time with Anna and the surprise party, God was winking, reminding me that He created fellow gardeners to help tend to my own frost-bitten plants, helping till the soil and uproot what’s going on.

After a season full of feeling overwhelmed, stretched in many facets, family, dear friends, and myself going through trials week after week, I was washed up.

The seasons aren’t getting any easier, they’re actually staying the same. Long days and short nights. Cold winds, yet so much new life is surfacing. This past weekend was a reminder of the community He’s crafted around me, that as the pummeling waves hit, and boy will they hit; He’s the surfboard. Ready to carry us, and lead us through the current.


So surprises and sunsets, two beautiful winks from God. That seasons bring healing, growth and life to things that were once dead.

So whatever season you’re going through, whatever area you maybe feel like has been frost-bitten, past any new life, my prayer is that God will meet you there, and walk with you through the storm, and through the healing that will follow.

-Kyra Mariah

rubik’s cube.

Life has felt like a Rubik’s cube over the past 3 months; being jumbled around, life’s colors being mixed up, while being used to a one colored routine. There were some big changes..

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from living at home, to a host family and roommate for the summer, now living with the Penley’s and Kia (my dog). Traveling from Washington, Georgia for a funeral, back to Washington for Wynter’s wedding, and Florida to visit grandparents. I added on 3 summer classes, nannied, plus a second year internship with the Children’s Ministry at IAC Church. It was a full summer.


It wasn’t until a shower while visiting my grandparents, that God reminded me I haven’t been pressing into my 2019 word, “worth.” I chose this word, because I lost my identity last year. Who I was as a friend, sibling, and a daughter to God. I started this year reading a new book on “worth” each month, but when summer hit, my time spent in the Bible became less, rather, packing my schedule full.

I’m learning… we’ll always change, but our worth in Christ doesn’t change. God’s present and actively working in and through our lives. Mrs. Christy has said this a dozen times, but it wasn’t until this summer with my rubik’s cube constantly shifting to new patterns, that I understood what she was saying. Instead of trying to unscramble our cube’s were to take them to God and say, “whatever you want to do in this jumbled mess, would you keep my heart open to learning from it.”

While visiting my grandparents in South Florida, my Grandpapa ended up in the hospital. It’s been difficult seeing him decline and his memory slip as well, but it was a good reminder to press into God because He’s not changing anytime soon!!

We’ll change. That’s a fact. God doesn’t, and neither does our worth. That’s a bigger fact.

I thought I could go this summer without reading the Bible everyday, but it’s been a lesson that; we can’t know our worth in Him, when we walk away from reading and learning from Him.

There is something good to slowing down. I’ve run around, pushing in different areas, while not relying on God through it. Slowing down to only have puzzle building as the agenda for a day is a weird feeling, but it’s a good reminder, that peace can be found in the emptiness.


A big change this summer was saying goodbye to my family of 6 boys. The Pound’s family came to me out of the blue. A family of five boys, with a single dad in the Air Force, it was never a dull moment. Being their nanny, days were filled with football games, swim meets, bedtime stories, rap battles, bubble baths and cookie decorating. These boys taught me what loving through difficult situations is like, but more importantly, they taught me what true dependence on Christ is. They have a piece of my heart, and as they transition to St. Louis with new orders, praying it’ll be a smooth shift.

I think change hurts so bad.. because we become so accustomed to a consistent routine, same colored life, that when God shifts it up, we either run to Him or runaway. But if we stay, and are open to seeing what He’s trying to teach us, we begin to see new growth, and our worth in Him.

Through all this change one song that’s really helped is:  The Future: Tenth Avenue North It’s a good reminder not to worry about the future, when life’s Rubik’s cube is constantly being shifted, rather letting go and giving it to God.

So to anyone feeling like they’re in a season of constant shifting, constant jumbling around.. I know it’s overwhelming and scary.. but depend on Him, read the Bible even on the mornings that seem filled with worry. He’s listening, and He’s wanting you to see your worth in Him.

-Kyra Mariah

busy bee.

I’ve always been a busy bee. Running place to place, having my schedule filled to the max. Going from sun-up to sun-down. There are many times I come home completely drained, having no more energy to pour into my family and dogs at home, who’ve been waiting for me all day. It’s unfair to them, and unhealthy for me. But with school, nannying, friends, ministry, the list goes on.. my plate becomes quickly filled up.

In the midst of all this, I really love music. I love playing on the piano, but I really love jamming in the car with those I love with the windows rolled down. Country is my favorite genre, and Dan + Shay is my all-time favorite. So for Lent this year; the 44 days before Easter, I gave up all non-Christian music. I didn’t realize how difficult it truly was going to be. The first two weeks I wanted to cave, and just turn on some country music on a sunny day, or on the hard days, listen to some slow music. But it was towards the end of Lent that I started appreciating Christian music. Knowing when I turned it on, there would be no talk of toxic relationships, or a girl crying over a boy, or drugs or sex. I started to enjoy the messages being sung, hearing how powerful God truly is even on the hardest days.

I started seeing growth in a way I didn’t think possible. One some rough days (there were several), being emotionally drained, and I just wanted to hear another person complain, I would normally turn on some slow music and sit in the sadness with the artist. Instead, I  found myself turning on my Christian playlist, listening to the artist talk about sadness and despair, but that there’s hope in Christ through the trials. It was a refreshing reminder that music is a powerful tool, it can either bring hope to difficult situations, or help you wallow in it.

This past week, I was talking with one of my close friends about how I’ve really enjoyed Christian music, and actually went 6 days past Lent with only Christian music playing. Through talking with him, a question came up.. Have I been playing Christian music just to satisfy my Lent commitment, or am I truly listening to the lyrics?

The answer: I haven’t been listening. I have been so focused on obeying my commitment, and my brain buzzing like a bee all the time, I haven’t taken the time to slow down and truly listen to the lyrics. So this past week I slowed down; which honestly was really hard, but I stopped playing the Christian rap. My friend told me about one of his favorite artists, Housefires, I turned it on and let the lyrics wash over me, and tears soon followed. In the song Open Space:

“My heart is an open space for you to come and have your way
I’m open, I’m open
Do whatever you wanna do
And say whatever you wanna say
And move whatever you wanna move
And change whatever you wanna change”
Normally while sitting in carpool for nannying, I’ll open to social media, or start texting a friend. But I started putting my phone on silent, turning on Housefires, and praying boldly to God. Through little things, like putting a phone down, or just sitting as the lyrics surround you, has shown me how much I keep my plate full. Not that having a full plate is unhealthy, but when you keep your mind so busy, it can’t quiet down to hear from God. There’s beauty in the stillness.
So friend, if you’re a busy bee like me, and the everyday stuff fills up your plate, I have some artists for you to look up.
Housefires / Citizens / Unspoken / Tenth Avenue North
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It can be so hard to find quiet moments throughout the day, but don’t waste them, turn on some Jesus music and boldly pray. 
Happy late Easter from my Pound’s boy’s to you.
That was just a little snippet on my mind the past few weeks, hope you have a blessed day, seeing Jesus’s beauty shine around you 🙂
-Kyra Mariah



So far 2019 has felt like a surfer in the ocean, pounded with wave after wave. Let me explain.. Life is the ocean, we are the surfers, and God is our surfboard, but it’s how we chose to swim throughout life that matters.

You can either chose to swim with or without God. No matter the elements that come, He’s still holding you. Through the waves, as a firm foundation, no matter how high they can get. In the calm, He’s holding you too; but it’s how we handle it. It’s easy to be anxious, even worrisome, but resting in His arms is one of the most humbling things. Doubting and questioning God’s wisdom when the waves keep coming is a lot easier to do. Why is He causing such turmoil in my ocean? Go find someone else’s ocean to mess with!

With family and framily (friend family members) going through so much, and health solutions falling through, it has been hard not to question God through this time.

After an accident in 8th grade, it has left me with health concerns I’m still facing today. This is a difficult post to write; believing some things should remain private, but after the news became public knowledge, I thought I’d write my perspective to help draw a full circle. With constant pain and headaches, it came time for jaw surgery. Terrified, yet excited to be pain free, but quickly learning that God’s timing is everything. As much as I want something to happen, He still can say no, He will say no. 


March 16th was my surgery date. I was admitted, and as my IV was being put in, another nurse notified us that my insurance had taken back their approval, and surgery was not happening.

My heart sank to the ground, but it didn’t shatter. Surprised, relieved, yet heartbroken all in one moment. I watched as the color drained from my parent’s faces, and my mom broke down, lost for what’s next. I felt at peace. In that moment, I realized God has had me since the start. From the injury, through years of pain, 5 surgery dates falling through, and when 2 doctors retired on us. He has held me through it all.

I’ve been struggling with hearing God’s voice. Something I’ve been ashamed to admit, but I think all of us go through seasons of hearing His voice more than others.

I’ve been reading over James 1, focusing on trials, temptations, listening, and doing. 3 of those 4 I’ve been following; but listening, my ears have been clogged towards God.


I imagine two people going to a concert. The girl goes for the music, the boy goes for the girl. As the music’s blasting, he’s leaning over trying to talk, but she’s so caught up with the music, she doesn’t really hear him. That’s how I’ve been lately. Wanting to be in the presence of Him, yet so consumed with my own wants and desires, I don’t listen intently to what he’s trying to say.

We’re called to have faith without doubting. Dang.. it’s really hard. V21, “Therefore, get rid of all moral filth and the evil that is so prevalent and humbly accept the word planted in you, which can save you.” I was talking with one of my mentors, Mr. Penley, about what it means to ‘humbly accept.’ He said, “it means to lay all our own desires at the feet of Christ, and to accept Christ’s gift of life, by putting aside our selfish ambitions.” At first I was angered, refusing to give up my selfish desires when God has created so many hardships lately. Not accepting that wanting to have surgery on my timing is selfish.


In the midst of this, my mom’s dad has significantly gone down in health. With surgery not happening, the next week, Kelvyn, Elise and I jumped on a plane and spent nine days laughing till our bellies ached, going to the beach, puzzle making, football reruns, and soaking up time with my grandparents. The trip was emotionally difficult, knowing my grandpa may not remember our time with him, but just being by his side, cheering on our Florida Gators in the 2006 National Championship game, just holding his hand was so so meaningful.

Sometimes I don’t want to get back on the surfboard, rather have a pity party for myself. Letting the waves hit me, and pointing my finger at God saying it’s His fault, when He’s only an arms length away.

Through these past few months of surgery dates, coming and going, there has been lots of pity party’s. But watching as my Gramps has been joyful as his memory slips, reminds me of James. God creates trials to teach us perseverance and maturity. We’re called to find joy through the trials, and Gramps is an example of that.

Elise is an example of finding joy in the little things too. She’s down to climb trees, pray intentionally, and dance in point shoes on the beach. Gramps and Elise reminded me that waves will always consume us, but rather than finding the bitterness of the situation, to rely on God’s strength through it. Some circumstances you can’t change, but you can change your perspective on it.


I know the constant headaches, and pain I have won’t be relieved for a while, but learning to surrender my broken-heart at His feet is key.

Friends, I’m not sure what waves you are facing, but my prayer is for you to find rest and comfort in His arms through the chaos. His timing is truly the only way. So I’ll leave you with a question.. Is God your surfboard? Are you going through life keeping Him at arms length, or are you going through relying on Him?

-kyra mariah

face to face messy & beautiful.


I had this image in my mind, that messy and beautiful could never coexist. I’ve struggled with my outward appearance, and believing everything had to be in order. All the time. Making sure I had makeup on, and making sure everything was organized around me was vital, or so I believed.

About a year ago, I started going to school with no makeup on, and honestly, it was a really big deal for me. I thought that people wouldn’t see me the same way. It all started from senioritis, seeing how fast I could go from my bed to the car, and still make it to class on time, but there was something deeper, a “kairos moment” as my mentor, Mrs. Christy says, that really caused it. I started believing I was truly beautiful without all the extra stuff. Yes, some days I could’ve used some concealer for those heavy under-eyes, after a long night of studying, or the pimples who decided to stay awhile, but its the importance of waking up, looking at myself in the mirror and seeing myself through God’s eyes.


Over the summer while at camp, I brought makeup, believing my campers would base their experience off my looks. A complete lie friends. Sweet kiddos care about your heart, the love you share, stories you tell, the songs you sing while tucking them in, a listening ear, comfort through the tears, and seeing God’s love through you. I came home from camp, with tons more freckles, my first ever watch tan, and a better understanding that our hearts are what truly matter, not our outward appearance.


I really like the rainbow. Down to my shirts, jeans, even socks, is color coordinated; yes even the plates in the kitchen. While these things are still true today, there’s a change in my thought process now. I’ve learned that while being organized is healthy, that having a routine, or having a pattern can help, the world doesn’t fall apart when life gets messy; when a green plate goes in between a dark blue and a red one or when my socks are mismatched.

Life is meant to be messy, we are humans, we are sin doers, mess makers, and prideful, selfish people, but the true organizer isn’t me, it’s Jesus. He comes and re-aligns our focus on Him.


He comes along, picking up our shattered vase lives, and glues us back together with His love, tenderness, and compassion. That’s not something we can do on our own.

After an unexpected snow storm caused a last minute sleepover with the Penley’s, from worsening road conditions, I was in sweatpants, surrounded by 5 kiddos, bedhead, and no makeup, un-showered, and you know what? That’s a victory to me. Seems silly, smelly, and messy, but to me, it’s beautiful.

I still have flaws with my face, so I decided to deal with them face to face by doing my makeup in my bedroom mirror. Noticing my eyebrows from my dad, and my blue eyes from my beautiful mama. Letting the sunlight shine in and highlight the areas I want improving on, but rather focusing on being appreciative of how God meticulously created me. face to face.

Messy and beautiful, two words I didn’t believe could ever go together, but am learning how we are always beautiful in God’s eyes, and yes of course messy. We make mistakes, and many more times than I’d like to say, my life is crazy messy, crazy busy, but with confidence I’ll also say my life is crazy beautiful because God’s got me. Learning to see our worth in Christ is so so important friends! If it takes applying makeup in your bedroom mirror, going makeup free, reading books about your worth, whatever it is, do it!   God took time to create each of us, both our outward beauty, but also our hearts for Him, are not to be overlooked. You are cherished.

So enjoy a makeup free Saturday, filled with giggles, pancakes, cuddles and just embrace a beautiful, messy Saturday. No matter how much we try to organize, or cover up our imperfections, Jesus sees through all of it, and knows your true value in Him.

We’re all messy, yet beautiful. Have a great day friends

-Kyra Mariah

thunderstorms & mixed emotions.

It has been a little over a month since the start to 2019. A month spent thinking back, celebrating the good times, and recounting the hard. 2018 was filled with times of joy, accomplishments, sadness, grief, and heartache. And as past years have been filled with more grief, more joys, or more accomplishments, this year had more growth.

JOYS: Traveling to Kenya for medical missions trip, nannying/babysitting 10 kiddos, seeing the Netzel’s, surprising my grandma for her 80th in Florida, seeing extended family over Thanksgiving, finding a college girls bible study, exploring Colorado with Anna, more memories with best friends, Christmas lights, iced coconut caramel macchiatos, and fuzzy socks.

Accomplishments: Finishing 5th in State in horse show jumping, being Team Captain for Hunter Run Farms Equestrian Team, graduating High School, starting college at UCCS, Internship with Wynter in Kids Ministry, led teams for both Power Up Clubs in Florida and Vacation Bible School in Colorado, to teaching the gospel to over 500+ kiddos.

Yet, there were also times of sadness, grief, and heartache. I would like to be optimistic and say that I can look at the joys and accomplishments throughout the year rather then the negative, but I would be lying. Sadness, from times of failure, car accident, to disappointing others. Grief from the loss of Kevin, and many others whose live’s ended too early.

Heartache, from lots of different health issues, and still question marks filling the chart, close friendships changing, horse show jumping career coming to a close in March, and saying goodbye to my horse, Xante.


Through this long list of mixed emotions, I see God’s faithfulness. He had a greater plan for me when High School felt like it would never end. He had a greater plan when I lost sight of who I was, He showed me that I’m His daughter. This year, there were many setbacks, it still brings tears to my eyes; remembering moments of crying out in my room begging God to show me what His plan was for me, because I was frustrated, confused, and honestly, mad at Him. He showed me how important having a mentor is (Mrs. Christy), second mommas (Mama Upchurch, Mama Meyer & Mama Netzel), and all my sweet little kiddos.

Best part was the Florda Gators beating Michigan and having an awesome football season! Chomp ’em!!


To help draw a picture of what 2018 looked like, it was a thunderstorm. There were times the sky felt like utter darkness. When I couldn’t see past the down pour of heartache, grieving and sadness. But as my mom once told me, thunderstorms are an example of God’s steadfastness. Thunder is God talking to you, lightning’s God reaching out his arms to embrace you, comforting you through the turmoil, and rain’s God crying for you, because when you hurt, He hurts. After the rain clears, the grass is greener, there’s a special smell in the air, everything’s more vibrant, and sometimes rainbow’s can be spotted. Though 2018 was a year full of many thunderstorms, it was a year of God showing me that He is there for me during the darkest times, He is steadfast, on the sunny days, the dark, the dreary, and lonesome days, He is present.


That’s the whole point of living for Christ, to dance no matter the forecast. To dance when everyone tells you to go inside, you go outside. You start singing praises, dancing through the weather, knowing God’s got you no matter the elements that hit you.

2019 has started out with many setbacks, grief, and turmoil, and lots of lessons learned. But through it, I’m learning to lean into God’s arms, because this life wasn’t meant to be lived on our own, it was meant to dance in the presence of His faithfulness.

Prayers to everyone who had a rough 2018, or a hard start to 2019, to those who see everyone else posting awesome recaps on social media, do not feel ashamed. You are an overcomer, and I see you. I see the hurt, the pain, and the hardships you’ve gone through, and so does God. He has a greater plan for you, and you’ll get through this tough season. Praying you find comfort in God’s arms sweet friend. -Kyra Mariah

kevin unexpected.

I’m learning that life is full of unexpectedness (is that even a word?)

Some are life changing, some are small, some come with grief and sadness, and others come with pure joy, happiness, and laughter.

Maybe it’s just a friend surprising you on a rough day. Maybe it’s the lady in front of you paying for your Starbucks. Or maybe it’s finding a homeless dog off the side of the busy street.

Processed with VSCO with a6 preset

September 11th, my mom and I were in Denver after a doctors appointment, when an old pup was clumsily walking along a busy street, collapsing from his hind legs giving out on him, and extremely malnourished.

Tears filled my eyes as we pulled over to check on him. He looked into our eyes and I said, “please let him come home and get lots of love from us until his owners find him!” We brought him home and hoped to reunite him with his owners, but after two weeks of flyers, emails sent, and shelters contacted, it was concluded he was abandoned.

For us to legally adopt him, he had to spend a whole week at the local animal shelter, and I quickly learned shelters are not for me haha. We were escorted to a section where owners surrender their pets, and within seconds I was sobbing, my heart hurting for all those animals deserving of love.


His health had rapidly declined over the week, not having any exercise, and sitting for 7 days was really hard on him, but mom and I still wanted to adopt him, even if it meant putting him down that same day. After a name change to Kevin Wallace from Bartholomew, papers signed, and still crying through it all, Kevin came home. Within minutes of being home, his energy came back, sneaking up the stairs to my room, and swimming in the pond, we ended up not putting him down that day, hoping to give him a few more days playing with Kia & Kynzly, but we didn’t know how long he would make it.


He quickly became buds with the girls, taking lots of naps with Kia, and exploring our backyard for hours with Kynzly.

This sweet guy, who we didn’t know his name, his past family, his past hurts, or past loved ones, let two crazy girls put him in a car. Pretty crazy.


Kevin had a short time to live, and we didn’t even think he would make it the next week, or next month, let alone, to December, three months later, but our time with him came to an abrupt end Monday (12/10), as we sadly had to put him down. After he lost all strength and movement in his hind legs, and lost control of his bladder, it came time. The final days with him were pretty difficult, filled with sleeping on the ground next to him, watching as the sweet boy started to leave us, and seeing the sparkle in his eyes start to fade. But the last three days were also filled with joys; a 13th birthday party, lots of peanut butter and icing, and way too many kisses and cuddles to count. I think what was inspiring about him, was how he was such a fighter, yet tender in the way he was towards to Kia & Kynzly, to our family and strangers.

Kevin was with us for such a short time, but he taught me many things. He taught me to slow down in life. That life doesn’t need to be filled with things to enjoy it, to spend a day, at a slow pace, like how he did. He taught me that everyone is deserving of love, no matter what kind of shape they’re in. Some of those people just need someone to come along and show them compassion. He taught me that you can always show tenderness, no matter what ‘monsters may be in your own closet.’ And lastly, he demonstrated how God is with us. 

We are clumsy all the time, we walk along a busy road called life and countless times collapse by the burdens of the world. We have past hurts, loves, and sins, but God comes to us in whatever mile of life and says, “Come home and let me love you.”


So unexpected, yet so beautiful to see God’s goodness, through picking up a stray dog.

Kevin was such a sweetheart, and a bundle of joy. Loving all the cuddles, scratches behind the ears, swims in the pond, fetch, and sunshine naps, Ol’ Kevin Wallace will be greatly missed. I still have his blankets next to my bed, and sometimes think I hear him walking up the stairs, but he’s in Heaven now, enjoying a pain-free life, and someday I’ll be able to hug handsome Kevin again.